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Welcome to my WebSpace: Here you'll get to know me, my thoughts and my researches!


My Youngest Niece Is a Whizkid!

Times are indeed changing! Back in those days, we hardly see a PC not to talk of laptops around. Now my whiz-niece is busy with one!


Latest Research

I've finally played around with DRBD and heartbeat! Even did some crazy stunts, like LVM on drbd, having multiple filesystems and volume on same DRBD disk. This is one awesome TECH!


Nigeria, my Nigeria

Each day is filled with stories and events, ranging from bad news to comical ones! I have just one wish: to have a smart President that cares, not a clueless one!


Universe Mysteries

Now that we've been told there are other subatomic particles besides the good O'l protons, neutrons, electrons and photons (Higgs boson) particles, so what next? Is there something else round the corner? We know VERY little about our awesome Universe!

Who am I?


This is my confession:

I am an alien, I posses supernatural abilities, I am configured to impact my environment positively.

I am a light that shines, even in the deepest darkness. I can see far, I can comprehend the incomprehensible, I can leap even over mountains

If I believe it and confess it, then I can do it!

I Love Linux









My love for Linux technologies is simply growing by the day. Thanks to heartbeat, and DRBD. Recently, I have been dreaming of Linux Clusters! Way to go Redhat, CentOS and Ubuntu!







 I love research, and believe me, I've got stuck so many times.

Want to see workarounds, sample configurations and solutions? Then you're in the right place!


Inventions, Discoveries, space travel, Linux, Windows...


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